Keegan and Ramona are siblings appearing in The Stolen Stones. Keegan, voiced by Tara Jayne, he has purple hair, blue eyes and wears an orange shirt with long sleeves, yellow pants and green shoes. At his age, he is 10 years old. Ramona, voiced by Roxanne Beck, she has purple hair, brown eyes and wears a sleeveless purple shirt, red pants and brown shoes. At her age, she is 16 years old.


  • Unnamed Parents
  • Cherry and Chopper (Love Interests)



  1. Liking for Cherry
  2. Admiring Ramona
  3. Being friends with Malachi (whose crush is Erika Amazake)


  1. Liking for Chopper
  2. Admiring Keegan
  3. Using her cellphone



  1. Seeing Koji flirt with Ramona
  2. Becoming a wiped out loser
  3. Feeling denied


  1. The way Koji falls in love with her
  2. Getting helpless
  3. Being a coward


  • Keegan and Ramona have been in Joe's Laboratory ever since.
  • Keegan likes Cherry's outfits
  • Ramona is a stylist for clothing
  • Both siblings have matching purple hair

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