Chikuro, the Keeper of Black Mana, is one of the five Keepers of Mana.

Character Outline

Before his death, Chikuro was the epitome of everything black mana represented: he was selfish, arrogant, cruel and ready to do anything to achieve his goals. He obliterated entire races without a second thought and was increasingly paranoid, to the point of killing two of the Keepers of Mana and nearly destroying the entire Multiverse.

His death having erased a large part of his memories, Chikuro nevertheless retained a lot of his antisocial personality upon his awakening. Eventually, by spending time with his host, Arrathir Quinn, Chikuro began to become a bit more friendly.

Now, he is still very serious and still somewhat of a psychopath, but nowhere near what he used to be.


Little is known of Chikuro before the War of the Keepers, or even if Chikuro was his birth name. It is rumoured his rise to power was fuelled by a desire to resurrect his lover. During the rise of the Keepers, he fell in love with Chiruu, the Keeper of Red Mana.

War of the Keepers

Driven by his greed and lust for power, and with conflicts arising among the Keepers, Chikuro attempted to seize control of the Multiverse. Aided by the Keeper of Blue Mana, Chiburuu, Chikuro began enslaving the planes of the Multiverse one by one.

He was opposed by the Keeper of White Mana and the Keeper of Green Mana. Even though Chiruu chose to join with the opposition, the two lovers continued seeing each other.

It soon became evident that Chiburuu was a double-agent and was spying on the Keeper of Black Mana. Placing him in a mana bind, Chikuro killed him and took his power.

When Chiruu came to him, begging him to cease the war, Chikuro betrayed her and killed her as well.

As the war raged on, Chikuro eventually faced off against Chihowaido in a duel to determine who would rule the Multiverse. Just as Chikuro was about to deliver the killing blow to his opponent, the white Keeper cast a spell which killed both Keepers.


Chikuro was awakened when Arrathir Quinn died in a duel against an ancient Egyptian spirit.

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