Chiburuu, the Keeper of Blue Mana, is one of the five Keepers of Mana.

Character Outline

Much of Chiburuu's life is veiled in secrecy, mostly due to his own efforts. His true intentions are never quite known, and he is often found to be isolated from the outside world. Even up to his death he never gave his true beliefs, and the extent of his knowledge and intentions are not known.

Even upon his awakening his secrecy is kept, even believed to the point of keeping secrets from his host, Charles Wainscot.


As with other Keepers of Mana, his life before the War of the Keepers is unknown. How he gained his power is unknown, though many think it to be attributed to his sly nature.

War of the Keepers

During the course of the war Chiburuu never gave his true allegiance, preferring to act as a double agent between the groups. Fuelling the fire that grew between the Keeper of Black Mana and the Keeper of Green Mana, Keeper of White Mana and Keeper of Red Mana, his demise arose from the Keeper of Black Mana discovering that he was a double agent.


Chiburuu was awakon upon his host, Charles Wainscot, realising and believing that he was Chiburuu's host.

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