Chiruu, the Keeper of Red Mana is one of the five Keepers of Mana.

Character Outline

Chiruu was everything her mana represents: passionate, chaotic, destructive and emotional. She retained most of these characteristics after her awakening.

She can be very gentle and caring, but she is quick to anger and her wrath is terrible.

Chiruu is a skilled in the art of iaidō as well as using Dragon Kung Fu for hand-to-hand combat.

She shares a special bond with Chikuro.


It is unknown how Chiruu became a Keeper of Mana, or if Chiruu is even her birth name. During the Keepers' rise to power, Chiruu fell in love with the then-to-be Keeper of Black Mana.

War of the Keepers

During the War of the Keepers, Chiruu fought with the Keepers of White and Green Mana against Chikuro and his ally, the Keeper of Blue Mana because she thought it would be the right thing to do, but her love for Chikuro remained and she feared that they would one day meet on the battle field.

As the conflict spiralled out of control, Chiruu found Chikuro changed: he was no longer the man she loved. In desperation, she went to him, pleading him to stop the war, but Chikuro refused to listen and killed her.


Chiruu was awakened when Arrathir Quinn gave her reincarnation, Eva Pezrokov mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

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