The Keepers of Mana are the physical representations of the five colours of mana. It is unknown how they came to achieve this status.

The Keepers of Mana are:

War of the Keepers

The exact date of the War of the Keepers is unknown, but sometime after their rise to power, tension arose among the Keepers.

Eventually, the Keeper of Black Mana attempted to seize power of the Multiverse by force, aided by the Keeper of Blue Mana, who acted as a double agent for both sides.

As the war progressed, it became evident the blue Keeper was playing both sides, so the Keeper of Black Mana killed him to gain his power. In response, the Keeper of White Mana killed the Keeper of Green Mana, so as not to allow his power to be taken by the black Keeper.

The Keeper of Red Mana attempted to reason with the black Keeper, but he killed her as well.

The two remaining Keepers clashed to determine who would rule the Multiverse. In the end, both Keepers died.

It was foretold that the Keepers would return to restore the Multiverse to its former glory.

The Awakening

The Awakneing was a significant period in the history of the Keepers of Mana. The prophecy about the Keepers was realized when Arrathir Quinn awoke as the Keeper of Black Mana. He then went on to awaken the remaining four Keepers.

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