Kein Schnaps Für Tamara

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A book about a dead girl and the man that goes out of his way to find her killer.


1.Tamara Maniouk (the dead girl)

2.Hans Obuch (narrator and main charater)

3.Burwinkel (a cop)

4.Müller (Burwinkel's assistant)

5.Roth (a journalist)

6.Wilhelm Bricks (owner of a Schnaps Factory)

7.Elvira Bricks (wife of Wilhelm)

8.Hanno Bricks (oldest son of Wilhelm and Elvira)

9.Udo Bricks (youngest son of Wilhelm and Elvira Bricks)

10.Cora Stein (secretary for Hanno Bricks, and love interest of Hans Obuch)

11.Fabrizius (a painter)

12.Karlchen (the daughter of Fabrizius)

13.Mowgli (a Newfoundlander that belongs to Karlchen and her father)

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