Here is Kelly Clinton. Kelly is a student at West Malibu High.

Name: Kelly Clinton
Age: 16
Job: Second Cup Waitress
Best Friend(s): Marie Piche-Blaney, Hannah Wu, Noelani Rivers and Melody Stewart
Boyfriend: None
Creator: Mariam


This is what was written on Kelly's character profile

Likes rock. Can't be perfect. Lives with her single and sick mother. Very dramatic. Talented. Most girls don't like Kelly. Plans to get fame and fortune from becoming a rock star. Loves to write emotional lyrics.

Kelly has changed a lot over time

If you look through some threads on the forum, you will see how most Kelly has evolved.

Kelly has been changing over times. She's trying to be more femineme and make more friends. But, it is very hard for her since her past does cut in at times. Just because Kelly has had a misfortuante past doens't mean she can live today well, right? But, coming soon to the forum is another misforutnate event to Kelly... Who knows what will happen next? Who knows?


Kelly lives with her mother, Rochelle. Rochelle just got out of rehab, and is very pale, skinny and sick-looking. She tries to be the best mother possible for Kelly, but sometimes she fails. Above all, Kelly loves her mother.

When she was Grade 7, Kelly's father commited suicide and her mother became ill. It was hard for Kelly, so she didn't make much friends.


Kelly is friends with everyone, but she has a few close friends. These close friends are:

  • Marie Piche-Blaney
  • Hannah Wu
  • Noelani Rivers
  • Melody Stewart


    Kelly has never had a boyfriend and is currently single. She likes Robyn Foxx.

    Time To Go Back


    High School RPG

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