Kelly Frears is the deuteragonist (also known as Chuck's best girlfriend) in Cast Away. Kelly's real name is Helen Hunt.


Kelly is first seen copying her desertation when Chuck Noland came happily in love at the office in her room. Then Kelly and Chuck watch TV news with Santa Clause in Serijevo, Bosnia while she attempts to shut it down. They're also invited to the holiday party while Kelly and Chuck decide to plan their interview, Kelly says she'll cancel Saturday and Chuck says no, dont. Eventually when they get into Chuck's car apparently Kelly obtains Chuck a favorite gift including a watch with Kelly picture on it. When Chuck sees the watch, he excitedly tells "Wow, Kelly time!" and then attempts to walk in the FedEx plane (before severe various chaos wreck) almost accidently without giving carkeys to Kelly (forgetting) so he returns to Kelly to bring her the keys and walks again to the plane. Meanwhile Kelly answers the phone after Chuck was exposed 79.5% weak raising his hand toward the big ship calling/grasping for Kelly, while she doesn't understand on the phone then persues to collapse unconscious in the screen that you can see her baby girl and her husband. While Chuck visited airport then he saw a man who was married to Kelly. When Chuck so Kelly involved with her new husband through the airport window he was awfully surprised (suffering broken heart, hurt feelings, etc.) and big time jelous. The next day on rainy day Chuck comes home by Taxi and rings the doorbell and then Kelly opens, she also gives Chuck some towel and shows the map of his island and then draws a line to show where the ship found him. While reaching the garage, Kelly offers Chuck his keys and lets him drive, later she starts panicing "CHUCK !" three times so he returns and drops Kelly in, then drives her home while seeing his real best friend Stan.


"CHUCK!" (repeated 3 times despartely) I always knew you were alive, I knew it. Everybody said that I had to let you go. I love you. You're the love of my life.

You're home.

I got a gift for you.

Chuck! Keys!

You said you'd be right back.

Hello, oh how are you? OK. (then rapidly exposing unconscious)


Kelly Frears' role plays by Helen Hunt.

It was revealed that Kelly's got a baby girl (daughter) named Katie.

Kelly's birth name is just Kelly Frears also. It does not involve a real name nor middle name.

Apparently the COMMON scene involved Kelly on Chuck's watch.


Kelly's picture on watch Kelly talking on phone (debatable with Chuck) before collapsing 5-7.5 min unconscious Kelly panicing "CHUCK!" 3 times

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