Kemsyt is a young man who leads a band of Egyptian raiders, and he is the archenemy of Amanra. He is said to be shrewd and cunning but not inclined to put himself in danger. In Fall of the Trident He is an ally of Gargarensis and works with him to prevent the god Osiris from being resurrected. After the heroes succeed in reviving the dead Osiris, Kemsyt flees with Gargarensis to the Norselands. Upon the heroes catching up with Gargarensis' army in Midgard, Kemsyt is magically transformed so that he bears Gargarensis' appearance, while Gargarensis himself set off to invade Atlantis. When Gargarensis' army is defeated, Kemsyt is captured and Arkantos, thinking he is Gargarensis, has him beheaded. Upon their journey back to Atlantis, the heroes discover that they have beheaded Kemsyt when Arkantos removes his head from a box, intending to hang it from the mast of his ship upon their entering Atlantis' harbor.

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