Ken and The Ducklett is an Ash & Friends spoof to Diesel and The Ducklings.


  1. Ash Ketchum as Thomas (Sarah Natochenny)
  2. Terry McGinnis as Gordon (Will Friedle)
  3. Raimundo Pedrosa as James (Tom Kenny)
  4. Alexander "Alex" O'Connell as Percy (Chris Marquette)
  5. Sakura Avalon as Emily (Kari Wahlgren)
  6. Ken of the PMC as Diesel (Marc Thompson)
  7. Morton "Big Mouth" Koopa Jr. as Arry (Phil LaMarr)
  8. Roy "Bully" Koopa as Bert (Jason Marsden)
  9. Earthworm Jim as Salty (Dan Castellena)
  10. King Bowser Koopa as Cranky (Harvey Atkin)
  11. Kevin Keene as Edward (Matt Hill)
  12. Shaggy Rogers as Henry (Matthew Lillard)
  13. Scott Summers as Sidney (Kirby Morrow)
  14. Shun Kazami as Norman (Zachary Bennett)


  • Mark Moraghan: It was early morning, and Ash had brought some Beedrill to the Cartoon University.
  • Ash: Hello, Koopa. Hi, Jim.
  • Jim: "Ahoy there, shipmate."
  • Koopa: Hello, Ash."
  • (Crash!)
  • Ash: "Whoa! Watch out! Who's that pushing?"
  • Ken: It's me, Ken." (Laughs) "Out of the way, slowpokes."
  • Ash: "There's no need for that, Ken.
  • Ken "Yes, there is, Ash. I'm a creature. Hard as nails, always gruff. A creature should be rough and tough."
  • Jim: "Nor, that's not true, matey. I'm a creature loving earth character. I maybe gruff, but I'm never rough."
  • Ken: "Well, you must be a softie, then." (Laughs)
  • Koopa: "Why does he always have to act like that?"
  • Narrator: "Later that morning, on his way back from the docks, Ash stopped to talk to Alex at the spa."
  • Ash: Hello, Alex.
  • Alex: Hello, Ash. I'm just having a quick shower before I start work."
  • (Ken pushes Alex)
  • Alex: "What? What? Hey, who's doing that?"
  • Ken: (Laughs) "Don't pop a button, Pipsqueak."
  • Alex: Ken! But I was here first."
  • Ken: "And now, I'm here. Goodbye."
  • Ash: You know, Ken, if you were nicer to other animals, you would have more friends."
  • Ken: "My friends don't like me because I'm nice, Spike. They like me because I'm rough and tough. Isn't that right, boys?
  • Big Mouth: "Yeah, Ken.
  • Bully: "Yeah!"
  • Big Mouth and Bully: "Rough and tough! Rough and tough! Rough and tough!"
  • Narrator: "Later that day, Ash was still thinking about Ken, when he suddenly saw him, stopped up ahead."
  • Ash: "Oh, no. Not Ken again.
  • Ken: (Laughs) "Look at you. Ohh."
  • Ash: "I've had quite enough of him already today. What's he doing?"
  • Ken: "Ohh!"
  • Ash: "Who's he talking to?"
  • Ken: "Oh, what cute little duckies!" (Laughs) "Aren't you lovely and fluffy? Yes you are."
  • Narrator: "Ash couldn't believe it. He'd never heard Discord being so sweet and gentle before."
  • Ash: (Laughs) "Hard as nails? Strong and tough?"
  • Ken: (Gasps)
  • Ash: "Oh, if everyone could see you now, Ken, they would think you were the big softy. Oh, I can't wait to tell them all about this."
  • Ken: No, Ash! Please! Please don't do that. They'll all laugh and make fun of me."
  • Ash: "Just like you do to them, Ken. If you could be nice to these ducklings, then why can't you be nice to the rest of us?"
  • Ken: "Uh... well... uh... I... I could, but..."
  • Ash: Ken."
  • Ken: "Okay, all right! I'll be nice! And friendly and kind..." (Stammers) "If you promise not to tell them about the, uh, you know what."
  • Ash: "Okay. I promise I won't tell, as long as you're nice to everyone."
  • Ken: (Sighs) "Thanks, Ash. Heh, you're a pal."
  • Narrator: "So Ken tried to be nice to everybody he met that day."
  • Ken: "Lovely day, Terry, heh. Say hello to Ash for me." (Laughs) "And tell him how nice I'm being. Looking good, Shaggy! Tell Spike I said hi." (Laughs) "Good morning, Kevin. Have a nice day. You going to see Spike later?" (Gasps)
  • Big Mouth: "Huh?"
  • Ken: "Oh look, it's little koopa long horn."
  • Big Mouth and Bully: (Laugh)
  • Big Mouth: "That's very good."
  • Bully: "Little koopa long horn."
  • Ken: (Laughs) "Are you sure you have the strength to take those rabbits, Sakura?
  • Sakura: "Stop being so horrid, Ken.
  • Ken: "I'll be just as horrid as I like. Hard as nails."
  • Ken, Big Mouth and Bully: "Always gruff. A creature should be..."
  • Ash: Ken! Quack, quack, quack."
  • Ken: "No, Ash, please." (Stammering; clears throat) "I just wanted to say, what a fine, strong, helpful unicorn you are, Sakura. And your horn is fabulous. Well, I'll be off, then."
  • Big Mouth: "Aye? What?"
  • Bully: Ken?
  • Ken: "Bye, now."
  • Sakura: "What's the matter with him?"
  • Ash: "I have no idea."
  • Narrator: "Ken just couldn't help going back to his old ways."
  • Raimundo: "Oh, get a move on, Ken!
  • Terry: Ken, you're making us all late!"
  • Ken: "Oh, dear. Don't get worked up about it." (Laughs)
  • Ash: "Quack, quack, quack."
  • Ken: (Whimpers)
  • Narrator: "So Ash kept on quacking to remind Ken of his promise."
  • Raimundo: "Ah, about time."
  • Ken: "Carry on! Carry on! I know you both have very important jobs to do. Hmm."
  • Narrator: "But no matter how many times Ash reminded him of his promise, it was very hard for Ken to change his ways. Especially in front of his friends."
  • Beedrill: (Screams) Uh! Stop that, Ken! Not so fast!"
  • Ken: "But it's fun!" (Laughs)
  • Beedrill: "No!"
  • Ken, Big Mouth and Bully: (Laugh)
  • Ash: Ken! Quack, quack, quack!"
  • Ken: Oh, Ash, it's too hard to be nice to everyone all the time. I can't do it anymore."
  • Ash: "But you were nice to those ducklings."
  • Big Mouth: "Ducklings?"
  • Bully: "What ducklings?"
  • Ash: "Follow me, Big Mouth and Bully. And let me introduce you to Ken's new friends."
  • Ken: No, Ash! No!"
  • Big Mouth: "I still don't get it."
  • Bully: "Where we going?"
  • Ash: "You'll see."
  • Ken: Ash! You promised not to tell!"
  • Ash: "And you promised to be nice! Faster, Big Mouth and Bully. Keep up!"
  • Ken: Ash! Look out! The ducklings!"
  • (Ducks chirp and quack)
  • Ash: (Gasps) "Cinders and ashes!"
  • Ken: "Oh, no!"
  • Ash: (Straining)
  • Bully and Big Mouth: (Screaming and grunting)
  • Big Mouth: "What are you playing at, Spike?!"
  • (Ducks quack and chirp)
  • Ken: Ash, you were going much too fast. You have to be more careful when you're around these lovely, little ducklings."
  • Ash: "I'm sorry. I didn't see them. You're a hero, Ken." (Laughs) "Not to mention a really big softy."
  • Ken: "No, I'm not! I'm rough and I'm tough. And I'm..."
  • Big Mouth: "So sweet! Awww! Who's a little fluffy ducky, then?" (Laughs)
  • Bully: "Ohh, ooh, cuddly, buddly, boo."
  • Big Mouth: "So cute and fluffy wuffy."
  • Ash: You see, Ken. Nobody's laughing at you."
  • Ken: "Uh, yes, but... uh..."
  • Ash: "You don't have to be rough and tough all the time. It's okay to show your soft side."
  • Ken: "Well..."
  • (Duck quacks)
  • Ken: "They are adorable, aren't they?" (Laughs) "Aww, cooey. Nice duckies."
  • Big Mouth: "Oh, look at their tiny little wings."
  • Bully: "And away they widdle waddle. Oh, little diddums."
  • Ash: "You try to be rough and play the part, but when it comes to ducklings, you're all softies at heart."
  • Ken: "Oh." (Laughs)
  • Big Mouth: "Cooey."
  • Bully: "You little fuzzy."
  • Big Mouth: "Nice ducky."
  • Ken: "You're cuties, aren't you?"

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