Buzz Lightyear (1996 version) is a Kenner presentation.

When Buzz's wings are popped, he says, To infitiny, & beyond! When his buttons on his chest are pressed, he says a few phrases.

Buzz was also Kenner's 1999 copy for Toy Story 2. The last time Kenner made talking Buzz toys was 1998.

Buzz has no karate feature that Sheriff Woody uses to stop Sid's mutant toys. The feature was added on the 2004 & 1999 toys. This problem solved on 1998 to cause a idea: scrap this one for a 1999 version.

The ideas for the 1996 Andy's Toys line for Toy Story also caused this.

Released: September 6, 1996 Manfactacter: Kenner

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