Ready for Action! Set (1996 edition) was a Kenner presentation.

The set includes the, Let's Get Out Of Here! video, Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Ducky, Babyface, & a few mutant toys.

The set is not to be confused with a 1999 version of this including the Toy Story 2 theme.

When you turn the handle, Woody will jump up, hit the jetpack, make Buzz fly off the shelf, & make Mutant Toys go into action. In the first action, Woody will bob vigorsily. In the next action, the jetpack spins around. In the next third action, Buzz will pop up & press a mutant toy. But if you fail to escape, bob the wrong way, or make all the actions jam, you might hear Sid's foot-stomping & stop the actions. In solo, you might go into action by doing these things:

Woody bobs up.

The jetpack pops, then spins.

A yellow button will stand on a shelf.

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