Kenny McCormick is a fictional character on the animated television series South Park. He is one of the four main characters along with Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman. He is terribly unlucky on his script and he is always getting killed randomly.

Kenny McCormick was the main antagonist in the South Park Halloween episode, Pinkeye.The episode starts with the Mir space station falling from space and crashing on Kenny. His corpse was taken to the morgue and filled with embalming fluid by the mortician and his assistant. However, due to the assistant mortician eating a hot dog and using Worcestershire sauce as a condiment, Kenny comes back to life as a zombie and bites both the mortician and assistant. The next morning, the boys were getting ready for the school costume contest. Stan was Raggedy Andy with hopes that Wendy would be Raggedy Ann. Kyle came in a store bought Chewbacca costume. Eric Cartman was dressed up in an Adolf Hitler costume (much to Kyle's annoyance) that his mom made him, which Principal Victoria made him wear a homemade ghost costume instead but accidentally made him look like a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Kenny shows up without a costume and was completely silent. He didn't even respond to Cartman's poor person jokes or react when he took his pudding at lunch. He infected Clyde, who tried to drown Bebe while playing Bobbing for Apples. At the costume contest judged by Tina Yothers, who the boys thought was dead, Kenny wins 2nd place for dressing like "Edward James Olmos" while Wendy won 1st place for her Chewbacca costume even though almost every kid came as Chewbacca, and Stan won "Worst Costume" for his "stupid clown thing" costume. This really angered Stan and he wished that Wendy was dead. Ironically, she was attacked and infected by a zombie. Later that night, the boys went trick or treating. Kenny kept biting everyone before they could pass out treats. This angered the boys, causing them to leave Kenny. When the boys went to Chef's house, he pulled them inside and told them that South Park is being overrun with zombies. They visit the morgue, where they discover the bottle of Worcestershire sauce, as well as a copy of Crack Whore magazine that Cartman's mom is on the cover of. The zombies find a way into the morgue and Chef gets turned into a zombie (who does a parody of Michael Jackson's Thriller). Kyle calls the hotline on the Worcestershire sauce bottle. The operator had warned Kyle not to kill the zombies left and right, which Stan and Cartman already had been doing with chainsaws. The operator told Kyle to kill the zombie that started the whole thing. That way, everyone will turn back to normal. A zombie Wendy walked up to Stan to attack him, but he couldn't bring himself to kill her. Kyle realized that it all started when the satellite crashed on Kenny. He used a chainsaw to vertically slice Kenny in half, killing him. All the zombies were turned back to normal, even the ones who were killed. Kenny is buried at the South Park cemetery. After the boys paid their final respects, they leave to count their Halloween candy and make fun of Cartman's mom for being on the cover of Crack Whore magazine. Suddenly, Kenny pops up from his grave put together with medical staples only to get crushed by a statue from another grave and have a jet crash on top of them. Type of villain-Heroes turned to the Dark Side


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