Kent and Kal is a Taiwanese-animated teen sitcom animated by Fuji Television; known as Tetsuo. The cartoon aired in TV Tokyo in December 2011 but an English-dubbed version aires in Kabillion, Cartoon Network and Toonzai on January 2012 for the first time. The English dub was produced by Tollin/Robbins Productions.

The cartoon's theme song is entitled "Aw Here It Goes" sung by rapper Coolie, which was used for defunct Nickelodeon series, Kenan and Kel. In fact, the cartoon in the English version is based on Kenan and Kel.

The main characters appear in the animated series Cartoon Factory during it's third season.

The show got picked up the second season in March 6, 2012. Due to all 62 footage from all of the episodes of Tetsuo were used for the first season, American animation was used which explains the animation differences. The full theme song is played and new soundtrack is placed.

On May 21, 2012, it was revealed that the show gets a third season featuring a new theme song and additional cast members featuring the new starring roles of Will Smith, Dante Basco, Ted Fu and Brenda Song.


The cartoon is about straight, homework-loving, weak teenager named Kent Rodriguez and laid-back, freestyling, athletic, lazy teenager named Kal Tagawa who are best friends and hang out together but get into mischevious situations.

The opening for each show is that it takes place in a dinner theatre titled "Cafe Moca" in which they interact with the audience before telling their main technician, Horace, to present the cartoon.


  • Ken'ichi Soba/Kent Rodriguez: A Mexican-American teenager who loves doing his math homework, enjoys reading and loves playing video-games. Kent is the brains of the duo and seems to have a crush on Christine. He works at a pet shop called Peta'Pet. Kent is voiced by comedian, George Lopez in the English version but Masako Sugaya in the Japanese version.
  • Kemuzuo Tagawa/Kal Tagawa-Thurston: A Japanese-English American teenager who enjoys hip-hop music, drinking orange soda and reading comic books. Kal is always laid-back and really adores his soda. Kal can speak fluent English and his father is British. Kal is voiced by Kevin Wu (KevJumba) in the English version but Junko Tori in the Japanese version.
  • Tsumbame Soba/Susan Rodriguez Kent's younger sister, at the age of 16 who has a crush on Kal but does not admit it to anyone except herself. She has a picture of Kal in her phonebook. Her best friend is Vicky, a valley girl and Debbie. Crystal Scales voices Susan in the English version but Fuyumi Shiraishi voices her in the Japanese version.
  • Kentarou Soba/Mr. Ernesto Rodriguez: Kent's dad who usually smokes which is changed to lollipops in the English version. He does not trust Kal due to his antics. Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in the English version but Yuzuru Fujimoto in the Japanese version.
  • Aiko Soba/Mrs. Bianca Ortega-Rodriguez: Kent's mom who speaks Spanish rather than English but speaks little English. She is also a flamingo dancer. Bianca is voiced by Grey DeLisle in the English version but Yuri Nishiwa in the Japanese version.
  • Yumeko Kawai/Christine Shaniqua: The most popular girl in school who Kent has a crush on. She has the crush on the jock, Duke. She speaks with a valley-girl accent saying "like" alot. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale in the English version but Runa Akiyama in the Japanese version.
  • Kagechiyo Kemumaki/Peter "Duke" Chao: A Chinese-Amerrican athlete who is the most popular guy in school. He mostly tends his anger on others because of his bad family times with her mother, who has an obsession with the Chinese in which they descent (mostly feng sui), her sister Jessica, who bugs him so much and his father, who yells at him for not doing his homework. He is voiced by internet sesation Ryan Higa in the English version but Kaneta Kimotsuki in the Japanese version.
  • Mitsuo Suwa/Stink Kid: A country-accented farmboy who enjoys the customs of playing video games. He is similar to Godinez from El Chavo del Ocho. He is voiced by Jason Earles in the English version but Katsue Miwa in the Japanese version.
  • Residents of Kamata Dane/Hanklen Arms: Here are the residents of the apartment that Kent and Kal live.
    • Mantaro Tagawa/Nigel Thurston: The British father of Kal who speaks with a soft British accent. In the Japanese version, he believes in Emperor Qin but in the English version, he believes in the American Revolution. He is voiced by Malcolm McDowell in the English version but Kan Tokumaru in the Japanese version.
    • Kabao/Steve: A diminutive man who enjoys misery and loves destorying things. He works in a destruction site for tearing down many buildings and sites. He is voiced by Scott McCord (impersonating Jack Benny) in the English version but Yoshito Yasuharu in the Japanese version.
    • Senmenso/Mr. Hao Wu: A Vietnamese-American man who works at a Chinese restaurant which is the kid's popular hangout. He used to live in Vietnam but later integrated into the United States. He is voiced by Keone Young in the English version but Mugihito in the Japanese version.
    • Haruzo Sawada/Victor Slovickles: A Czechoslovakian man from an Eastern European company who has a profinite laugh. Victor also loves stealing money. He is voiced by Peter Kelamis in the English version but Kenji Utsumi in the Japanese version.
  • Michiko Mie-Tagawa/Madame Butterfly: A Japanese woman who is Kal's mother. She does not live with her husband due to living in Tokyo. She speaks in haiukus (Japanese poetry). She is voiced by Janice Kawaye in the English version but Masako Miura in the Japanese version.
  • Saien Mado/Horace C. Corder: The only character to appear outisde the cartoon series, he is the technician of Cafe Moca for working in the cartoon central to premiere live cartoons. He is African-American and loves drinking soda. His middle name is "cam" which makes his name a reference to camcorder. He is voiced by Greg Eagles in the English version but Hiroshi Otake in the Japanese version. Coolie voiced Horace in the pilot episode as he mostly appears in the opening sequence.
  • Takashi/Toshi: A Chinese warrior who speaks with a heavy Chinese accent. He is based on Hanata from Ryan Higa's Skitzo series. He is voiced by Ryan Higa in the English version but Hiroshi Otake in the Japanese version.
  • Mary McGuire/Maria Ramierez: An English piaonist who works for Mantaro Tagawa. In the English version, she becomes a Spanish women who speaks fluent Spanish and works for Nigel Thurston. Kam does not understand her speaking in both versions. She is voiced by Janice Kawaye in the Japanese version but is voiced by Maria Bamford in the English version. She loves Takashi/Toshi.
  • Shinichi Haibara/Zero Dunham: A class-clown who loves practical jokes. His name is based on comedian, Jeff Dunham. His brother is based on Mandle's "Bobby" sketches. Voiced by Kenji Utsumi in Japanese version but Jeff Bergman in the English version.
  • Sabao Kuri/Pip Pirrup: A British child with an Oliver Twist look who inhailed from the UK. In the English dub, he is based on the South Park character of the same name. Voiced by Tom Kenny in the English version.
  • Nakamura Tawasi/Ali Rhymes: A poet who says haikus to the classroom. In the English version, he becomes a rapper. His name is based on Ali G and Busta Rhymes. He is voiced by Tyler the Creator in the English version.
  • Shōta Ōhara/Terry von Addison: An American grade school boy who went to Japan for a fresh transfer. He speaks minimum English but fluent Japanese to the characters. In the English version, he is a Canadian student who speaks minimum Canadian French and have inhailed from Montreal. He is voiced by Katsue Miwa in the Japanese version and Christian Potenza in the English version.
  • Tsuyoshi Saigō/Conter Feeder Crookly: Nickname Godzilla, he is a mugger who hides behind streets taking innocent children's money along with his hoodlum possies. In the English version, his nickname is Streetpocket because of his mugging techniques. His English name is based on the word "counterfeiter", someone who makes fake uncopyrighted money. He is voiced by Hiroshi Takemura in the Japanese version and Ted McGinley in the English version.
  • Hakase/Oly Leatherman: Kam's smart classmate who makes widow remarks. He is known for wearing a lime green Newscap. He speaks in a kansai dialect in the Japanese version and a Bronx "beatnik" accent in the English version in which he says phrases and catchy lines. He is also known for his manly scream and his shouts of "HELP! Somebody, HEEEELLLP?!!!". He is voiced by Naoki Tatsuta in the Japanese version and Phil Hayes in the English version.
  • O-jirō/Guy: Guy is an obake (goblin in the English version) who grants the characters wishes. In the Japanese version, he only says "bakaretta" and in the English version, he only speaks in Pig Latin. Voice of Keiko Yokozowa in the Japanese version and Moneca Stori in the English version.
  • Hōzen Ōyama/Windfish: The little Buddhist monk who lives in Osaka. He always prays and saying ritual words. In the English version, he is a stereotypical "moonchild" who is also part hippie, tree hugger and ex-hobo. Voice of Kaneta Kimotsuki in the Japanese version and Tom Kenny in the English version.
  • Haruzō Mie/Mark Cartmen: An 18-year old superhero in Mobile Suit Gundam fame. He even sports some laserbeams. Mie Suzuki voices him in the Japanese version and popular deejay/radio personality Casey Kasem voices him in the English version, as it is his first voicerole since his retirement.
  • Ganko Suwa/Heather Levenhaglin: One of the most popular girls in school in the second season premiere. Kal has a crush on her. She is voiced by Yuri Nashitwa in the Japanese version and Brenda Song in the English version.
  • Japanese League of Evildoers/League of Supervillains: A gang of Japanese (Canadian) criminals who kidnapped several children and took them as captives animals.
    • Don Ishikawa/Jerome "Kidnap" Korey: The brains and leader of the gang. He has a gang of children armies and have terrorized several citizens since 1959. He is based on Joseph Kony in the English version. Voice of Kenji Utsumi in the Japanese version and Cedric the Entertainer in the English version.
    • Saien Mado/Alan Lester: A mad scientist who speaks in a Transylvanian accent (English dubbed) and is the inventor of the Katamaka Gas causing all fruit to vanish. Voice of Shuichi Ikeda in the Japanese version and Seth Green in the English version.
    • Senmensō/E-Male: A shapeshifting criminal who runs through the speed of light because of the power suit that has morphed and sinked into his skin in which the suit is from computer technology. Voice of Mugihito in the Japanese version and John Moschitta Jr. in the English version.
  • Kōichi Yamada/Fresno: Full name Mthgreegronifsqamineusrasitrkk and nicknamed The Foreign Kid is a kid on an unknown foreign descent who speaks in a non-English language. Voice of Fuyumi Shiraishi in the Japanese version and Will Freidle in the English version.
  • Sabao/Ling Smith: A Japanese-American boy who comes from two different countries: he was born in Osaka, Japan and was raised in the USA because his father's American and his mother's Japanese. He is considered weird to the other classmates. His father used to be an American NAVY sailor and his mother was a Japanese schoolgirl, as they met, they were afraid to go on a dinner date because of their cultural differences of dining (the father, named Harold, eats with a fork and knife and the mother, named Kyoko, eats with chopsticks). They learn how to eat their couples' cultural way of eating with a little help; Harold gets help from his Asian classmate, Hiroki, who works as a waiter in a Japanese sukiyaki restaurant and Kyoko gets help from her Englishman uncle. When they finally met again, they were both nervous and after realizing that they both learned how to eat like each other, they loved each other more and got married in Quebec. Voice of Kenji Utsumi in the Japanese version and Casey Kasem in the English version.
  • Kapo: A hipster who is a fan of technology having a degree on an institution school of technology. He owns his very own iPad that has wireless internet. Voice of Will Smith in English version.
  • Chad: A skateboarding boy who can do amazing extreme sports tricks. He seems to be a homage to Rob Dydrek and Tony Hawk; professional skateboarders. Voice of Dante Basco in English version.
  • Lance: A musician who plays electric guitar with his tongue; similar to Gene Simmons. He can speak fluent Spanish and knows mathematics. Voice of Ted Fu in English version.
  • Tori: A Japanese-American girl who is a Japanophile; being obsessed with the cultures of Japan as she loves anime, reading manga and eating noodles. She cannot speak Japanese though but she is fun loving. Voice of Brenda Song in English version.


An upcoming movie is in works for the series. The movie will premiere in Cartoon Network in February 2012. The title of the movie is "Two Heads are Better than None". The plot is about Kent's family going on vacation along with an uninvited Kam.

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