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The Kerat species are a saurian species from the planet Regulus IV.


The're government has two ruling bodies. These ruling bodies are The Conclave, their religious body, and the Elders Council, the political body. They also have a caste system, the system has five major groups: blue, gold, yellow, red and green. The blue caste is the caste that mainly makes up the Elders council. The gold caste is the religious body of the Kerat, they make up The Conclave. The yellow caste are the scientists who are in charge of making different technologies and Scientific discoveries. The Red Caste is the supreme military caste. The green caste is the largest caste. This caste was the lowest that still possessed respect. The black caste works for the kerat as Espoinage Agents and Assasins.


The Kerat made contact with the humans around 2100.

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