This Article is about 10-years older & a Frog, For Jamesha beard's science porject, see Kermit & Jamesha beard (Science)

For the same name of X-mas island, see Kermit & Jamesha beard (X-mas island)

he & she are best friends forever, and jamesha beard loves Kermit and she really kiss him, but when she trying to get him, and Kermit began to step away from jamesha beard & Kermit the Frog continued to face this way and that way which doesn't make sense, and jamesha beard began as she wants to play her song, like "Kermit the Frog ia played", "Happenin' here", and "What goin' on?" and jamesha beard began as she wanna know about Kermit the Frog, his mind was gone, and jamesha beard began to getting for a new one, and jamesha beard see her friend, Miss Piggy kissing jamesha beard and the pinball's Torn out, Kermit the Frog wouldn't know about jamesha beard.Kermit the Frog wanna thinks about jamesha beard.The Chorus Choir Sung Together with Sesame Street & Muppet Gang and they all sang together and we sing "Jamesha love Kermit" is a parody of "Jamesha love Miss Piggy" and they both kissing during the 100th years and we hug Kermit the Frog again and we trying to get home, He almost copy Jamesha beard during a game of "Kermit to Permit" and we copy Kermit the Frog again, they began to wants to play with all her friends and the gang went back to work and they all live upon a awkward, and i kiss Kermit the Frog back, it was a mess, Kermit & Jamesha beard wants to come play and she taught.

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