Kerrick Life was decidedly different almost 50 years before his birth. During the Imperial occupation of Falleen. Experimentation was done upon the Race secretly to attempt to Re humanize Non-Humans. The experiments Yielded Falleen with Hyper active Evolutionary drive. Though all the specimen were thought to have been destroyed when the Facility was destroyed in an Orbital bombardment they were not. Several survivors blended into the Society. Years of breeding created Mutants and genetic diversity that had never been seen in the Falleen Species before. Eventual Kerrick was born. One of three in his family to survive. Many of the Mutation didn't survive. Those that did kept there selves hidden.

Kerrick was a rare exception He was arrogant Egotistical More Falleen then most of the Mutant. He saw himself as physical perfection. He was a natural politician and economist. Though he was good at mental dealing and secured himself a great deal of wealth on his word. Affording him and his sister’s great comfort. Kerrick loathed the isolationism that rained supreme amongst the governing body of the Falleen. He bided his time and trained in long forgotten Falleen Martial arts. In the Politician scene he was a feared politician his face could never be read, if he wanted something to be kept secret he would speak in Ancient falleen a harsh tongue that hadn't be spoke for nearly a Millennium. The final straw that made him streak out was when he was denied the right to marry his beloved by her father. He stated Genetic purity as a ground for not allowing the union.

With that insult Kerrick left to create alliance with powers that the Older Falleen had isolated themselves from. He thought that by acquiring such great riches form outside of there space he could prove to her father that his genetics weren't only pure but superior to all the Falleen. Once he acquainted himself with the political stand points of the Galaxy as they were. He went onto the Sith. His quest for wealth, power and prestige were interrupt by Sith Training.

Barely a fledging Sith Appetence his master Abandoned him after only the most basic training. He Participated in the second great Exile of Jedi form the Republic. Securing himself information about long lost Sith Knowledge. Ever the power seeker he went to find the intriguing powers that were all written in Ancient Falleen.

His mutation though proved unstable and with the new found powers that the Journals of Nilius that he discovered he was force to perform drastic measures to preserve his life. The Medical frame work that stimulated his nature regenerative abilities to maintain his cells even though they were breaking down because of his force powers. Almost becoming allergic to a serious extent to his powers. He lives one feeling nothing. A side effect of the medical procedure to save his life.

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