Ruler in 10 AF: Sir Quinnen Kerslake (captured, died in prison)
Ruler in 50 AF: Sir Grahm Stokes, a former Dwarven knight under Quinnen
Symbol: Black and green circle on black and green
Population in 10 AF: >450
Population in 50 AF: >100, plus 100 knights of Newton, 200 knights of Dantalion, 300 knights of Payens, and 600 other refuges from primarily Dantalion

Shared borders: Dantallion to the northeast, Tattersal to the east, Tumler to the south, Newton to the southwest, Payens to the northwest

former major exports: Black and wrought iron, tools
former major imports: Iron ore from Tattersal, meat and some vegetables
Natural Features: none
Important Historical events: A rallying point after the many calamities, many nations sent their knights here to fight the front against the strange invaders from the former country of Dantallion

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