Kevin Michael Schram (born Stepember 26th, 1989) is, to put it simply, awesome. He is the smartest of his friends (aside from Jake, who is too smart) and he is really cool. He has good looks and is good at almost everything he does as long as it is not gay or something physical. He is slightly (to be extremely modest) overweight, but, hey, more cushin for the pushing. Friends with Jacob Brandt and Chris Feldman, and can be seen with Josey, who he makes fun of all the time for being a stiff.

Early Life

Kevin was born to his parents in the fall of 1989. He was born during Monday Night Football, which was Bengals vs. Browns, which according to his dad, was a better game than it sounds. Kevin's parents decided he should be really smart, and was babysat daily by his aunt, who made him memorize all 50 states at the age of 3, which is why Kevin so so L33T at geography and history. At age 4, he went to religious preschool, and now is pretty nonreligious, even but he has conservative religion-based values.

High School Career

  • Freshman Year - Kevin had a horrible Freshman year, constantly getting an F in German 2. He was sent to Guided Study Hall, and his counselor wanted him to go to TRY. He hated it, and there was lots of dirty mexicans and retards in Guided Study Hall, but he got free newspapers. Kevin had this horrible paranoia that everybody was laughing at him behind his back, and went crazy. Because he failed German 2, and got a D- for skipping a gym exam, he had a miserable GPA of 2.6!!!!! Thats right, a 2 point fucking 6! He had gym with Chris Feldman and became his friend during this time. He had a class with Josey, but Kevin was uber popular in that class didn't talk to that bum.
  • Sophomore Year - Despite his crap school year, Kevin managed to lie his way into AP History. It was a very hard class and Kevin thought it was gay because who wants to learn about ancient cultures. He did meet Jacob Brandt who is now like his bestest buddy. He also met Alex who got him in trobule involving the teacher. However, when the class started talking about neat stuff like post-WW1, Kevin got really really good, and got like a A- in the class. Finally, he took the AP test but wrote nonsense on the essays and probably got a 1. He clams his mom took his AP results and he doesn't know. He finished Grade 10 with a GPA of 3.4, only a hundreth away from honor roll. If he tried harder, he could be has smart has Jake, but he doesn't. He also became friends with josey.
  • Junior Year - Kevin now sits with the Fab Four of Jake, Chris, himself and the busta, Josey. His GPA this year is 2.9, but he's failing Algebra because it is gay, but he thinks he will do good on the exam and maybe sorta his project. Scored 157 on the PSAT, better than chris and josey, but not as good as Jake. He PWNS Kirsch's US History class, currently getting a 104% A+. He should have taken AP US.

Goals For After School

Maybe web design, even though he's going to try to go for a software engineering degree.

Current Schedule

1Graphic Arts 1Johnson
2Algebra 2Burns
4US HistoryKirsch
5Computer RepairJohnson
8Study Halln/a

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