Kevin the McCalliaster and Friends (Genesis) is a video game. It will design by Smurf3126.

Preview Quotes

  • Alex's Dad: On your mark...get set...go!
  • Narrator: Explore Kevin's world, The Illnoise of Chicago. Solve compatible tasks as a Toy Robot Enginner in the backyard. Walk along the sidewalks in a race that as you dodge in hazzarased while trying to pick up very vabulalble points. All this in a color screen to. Clallange is await you in Kevin the McCalliaster. From THQ.
  • Alex'd Dad: You're a splendid Toy Robot Engineer. Yoi did that very quickley. You have a fair memories.
  • Voice: It's Kevin the McCalliaster and Friends!


  • Kevin as Thomas
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Edward (Not playable)
  • Frank as Henry (Not Playable)
  • Peter McCalliaster as Gordon (Not Playable)
  • Buzz as James
  • Fuller as Percy
  • Old Man Marley as Toby
  • Cedric as Duck
  • Alex's Dad as Sir Topham Hatt


You can race each against other McCalliasters.


To make Alex's Dad proud while working.


Explore the Illnoise of Chicago.


You can choose each modes such as Easy, Meaduim, and Hard.

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