Kevin the Steamie


Thomas and Percy is messy Victor needs a new boiler for Spencer Kevin rolled to Thomas and Percy Thomas pumped pistons crashed to Headline text == **Matt Ishida From (Digimon) as Prince Eric **Sora From (Digimon) as Ariel **Boo Boo Bear From (Yogi Bear) as Harold The Sea Horse **Gorna From (Final Fantasy 9) as Addella **Mimi From (Digimon) as Alana **Aerith From (Final Fantasy 7) as Adrina **Eilonwy From (The Black Cauldron) as Aquata **Sakura Haruno FromPercy is surprised and he crashed to Thomas Kevin played with Biff Bash Bosh Kevin can play with Percy and Thomas Kevin crashed a broken truck Kevi  worries about Kevin Thomas and Percy but Thomas and Pery  will hurry back Thomas and Percy can play Biff Bash Bosh Game again with Kevin Thomas and Percy chuffed away Kevin got an idia to play with Thomas and Percy Emily arrives at the Sodor Steamworks Kevin when Spencer arrives Kevin when Victor arrives Thomas and Percy cuffs Thomas and Percy asks if Kevin tonget a job

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