Khan was the first mortal to have gained Immortality. She was one of the first gnomes within the realm to achieve fame, through diligent study of the ways and workings of magic. A former lieutenant of the Wizards guild, Khan had the blessing of Eridanian, and went on to become one of Eridanians Heroes. Putting her intimate knowledge of the realm and Magic to the test, Khan advised and helped all those asking, to the end that she gained the respect and trust of many within the land.

The story of how Khan came to gain Immortality is confusing, with many conflicting reports. Some claim that it was gifted by Deori himself, while others say that Khan was hungry for more power, and used Eridanians absence as a convenient means to act without fear of reprimand from him.

Whatever the case, Khan became the Immortal of Change. Her personality has changed slightly from when she was a Hero, but he is still approachable by many mortals seeking to gain a bit of her wisdom. Occasionally seen in the form of an owl, Khan keeps a watchful eye on events in the land.

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