[u][b]Bio for Khar Qel-Droma[/b][/u]

[b]Surname:[/b] Qel-Droma [b]Given Name:[/b] Khar [b]Known Aliases:[/b] n/a [b]Occupation:[/b] Jedi Council Member [b]Legal status:[/b] Widower [b]Criminal record:[/b] None [b]Race:[/b] Human [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Age:[/b] 35 [b]Place of Birth:[/b] Naboo [b]Place of Residence:[/b] Rishi [b]Former Place(s) of Residence:[/b] Naboo, Coruscant, Isis, Chandrilla, Kashyyyk, Ossus, Bestine IV [b]Affiliation:[/b] Jedi Order, Galactic Republic [b]Bounty Licence/Mark Token:[/b] Yes

[hr] [b]Appearance:[/b] []Khar Qel-Droma[/link] [b]Height:[/b] 6'3" [b]Build:[/b] Slim, toned [b]Eye Colour:[/b] Blue [b]Hair:[/b] Black [b]Other Features:[/b] Burn scar running from his right elbow up to the base of his neck and a second burn scar running along his left hip.

[b]Clothing:[/b] See Picture

[b]Uniform:[/b] Plain Jedi robes, brown

[hr] [b]Personality:[/b] Khar is a pleasant and warm man, happy to help whenever it is needed. Many of his antics through his life as a Jedi, both before and during his time as a Master has earned him the label as a practical joker. Khar tends to mix with the lower rank members of the Order a lot, sharing a drink with them or just generally sitting down and having a conversation, his door is always open to those who would need his help. There are certain people in Khar’s life whom he defends more prominently then others, such are his adopted daughter and his younger sister, as well as his lover who he treats as family despite their not being married.

Khar has a certain mental immunity to the dark side of the force, due to his time serving Empress Medea, his returning to the light and training to remove the taint has given him a natural immunity to falling. For this reason during combat Khar is a highly ferocious combatant, though he still holds to the principle that Jedi should only battle in self-defence or to protect the helpless. Khar manages to remain an approachable and friendly face in the Order despite his nature in battle, and many look up to him for guidance. Khar can seem distant at times, though this tends to simply be him mulling on his own thoughts, though it can worry those closest to him occasionally.

[b]Father:[/b] Cale Qel-Droma (deceased) [b]Mother:[/b] Diana Qel-Droma (deceased) [b]Siblings:[/b] Ashlyn Qel-Droma [b]Children:[/b] Alanna Qel-Droma (adopted)

[hr] [b]History:[/b]

Khar Qel-Droma was born to retired Jedi Masters Cale and Diana Qel-Droma, on the peaceful and beautiful world of Naboo. To say Khar was born into a rich family would be an understatement, the ancient and noble family had existed for millennia and their home on Naboo could only have been described as stately, with a large manor in the centre of beautiful gardens which stretched for around mile in all directions. Khar spent much of his early life running around in the gardens, tormenting the family serving droids every chance he could, only to end up being scooped up and told off by his parents.

At the age of six, Khar’s father began instruct him in the way of the force, everyday after school Khar would return home to eat dinner, and then sit in for a night of meditation and teachings in the of the Jedi lifestyle. Khar would be brought up his entire like to be a Jedi, his father had been a Jedi, his father’s father, and his father before that all the way back to the times of Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma. Khar found this prospect dazzling, and took his studies very seriously despite his young and tender age. His father would smile and inform him of how proud of him he was, which motivated Khar only to work harder in his training, always working his hardest to be sure his father remained proud of him.

It was at twelve years of age Khar began to truly act as a Jedi. He had just begun a higher school, and as was tradition the newcomers were being picked on and it was during walking through the halls, Khar noticed a rather dorky looking boy being picked on by what he assumed were considered the school jocks. Khar calmly insisted they leave the boy alone, and they only laughed at him and so he defended the stranger without any thought of his own safety, with only a few bruises he took down the group of five and helped the boy, who he would come to know as Janzen, from the floor. The two became good friends for the rest of his school life.

He was fourteen years of age when Khar was gifted with something which would change his life, a baby sister. The girl, named Ashlyn, became his entire life for the next five years of his life. His friend Janzen would come over often, considering Khar was never allowed to take the young girl out, at least not in the very early years of her life. For her fifth birthday Khar gifted the girl with a small locket, which had a picture of himself and their parents in it that she could keep with her forever. He also made the promise to take her to see the Jedi one day, she’d always watched him training with his father, and always sulked and wondered why she wasn’t allowed to train yet with them.

Unfortunately, Ashlyn never had the chance to train as a child. It was during summer, about three months after her fifth birthday, they were wandering in town together when they were beset by thugs belonging to some crime lord or another. Khar attempted to see them off, but during his attempt to do so Ashlyn was taken and despite his attempts to reach her, he lost his sister and she was taken away from the planet. Nineteen years old now, and blaming himself for his sister’s abduction, Khar left Naboo to search for her. He spent the next three years travelling with his close friend Janzen, who would help him for many years to come trying to get information on her whereabouts.

After the three years were up, Khar realised there was no possible way he was going to find her without aid, and the constant moving around the galaxy was expensive and Khar hated the thought of returning to his parents without Ashlyn just to ask for more money to continue his search to find her. As much as they would have likely said yes, Khar turned to the Jedi Order for his way to find her. He came to the Temple which at the time was located on Coruscant, there he met Jedi Knight Stormy Jonay, who would take him on for training and bring him into the Order. Khar’s training didn’t last long however, everything she attempted to teach him Khar already knew, though he was never cocky about his knowledge of things.

At age twenty-three, only a month after he’d begun his training in the Order, Khar was brought forward for Knighting. The Council found the short time of his training to be odd, however with Stormy’s explanation of the situation, and his own explanation of how his father who the council had all heard of training him, they granted him his Knighthood. Now a Jedi Knight, and following in his family’s footsteps, Khar way dragged into a galaxy much bigger then that he’d seen. Though he never gave up searching for his sister, always getting intelligence from Janzen, Khar was unfortunately dragged into many situations which meant he could not go following up these leads as often as he would have liked.

[hr] [b]Possessions[/b]

Khar Qel-Droma's lightsaber, single emerald blade

Ulic Qel-Droma's lightsaber, single yellow blade, ancient heirloom

Small smoking pipe


Advanced in Form I: Shii-Cho, "Way of the Sarlacc"

Mastery of form III: Soresu, "Way of the Mynock"

Mastery of both variations of Form V: Shien/Djem So, "Way of the Krayt Dragon"

Mastery of VI: Niman, "Way of the Rancor" and variant Jar'kai (dual-blade wielding)

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