Welcome to the Encyclopedia Khazanica

This is a mini wiki for the Fantasy Powers League website, created and maintained by the FPL community. Here you will find all that you need to know about the FPL, from player resources and guides to the History of the Khazan universe created by members of the website over the years.



The Fantasy Powers League is based on the planet Khazan, home to the Nexus of All Realities. Here heroes, lowlifes, and some classifiable only as "otherwise" battle each other to attain the greatest title that can be bestowed on any hero: The Champion of The Arena.

Overseen by the JULA, the FPL accepts any entrants, or rather those who think they can survive. Various groups via for dominace in the city of Khazan, a sprawling city state home to the richest and the poorest people in the Mulitverse.

This section is intended to be the definitive source for FPL Lore from the beginnings of the Arena through the Apocalypse and beyond.




The Fantasy Powers League is an online superhero simulator. Players are given a set number of points to create their own superheroes or villains using a list of super powers, each with a specific points total. The object is to create a character that will defeat a series of opponents until they reach the Main Event. The matches are voted on by members of the site, with the character with the largest number of votes declared the winner. If they win this battle then they become the Champion of Khazan.

Characters are not restricted to only the superhero archetype, the FPL accepts any type of character as long as it is well written and does not violate copyright. Players are also encouraged to fully develop their characters and their backstories. A well written characeter could, for example, defeat a character with a stronger power setup. This has led to an extensive In Continuity (IC) History and Fan Fiction that has been developed by the players of the website.

This section is intended to be the definitive FPL Players Resource for new entrants and to the odd returning veteran.


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