Khina Sabiri
Khina Sabiri
Khina Sabiri dancing in her harem outfit.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'10" (177.8cm)
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Race Arabian
Blood type B
Birthday November 21st, 1951
Birthplace Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran
Hometown Altair Base, Kazakhstan
Affiliation(s) Omega OrderOmega Order
Language(s) spoken
(excluding English)
Flag of Iran Parsi
Flag of Russia Russian
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Хина Сабири
Flag of Greece Greek Χίνα Σάμπιρι
Flag of Japan Japanese ヒナ・サビリ
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese
僖歌曲 (Xī Gēqǔ)
Flag of the Republic of China Chinese
僖歌曲 (Xī Gēqǔ)
Flag of South Korea Korean 히나 사비리
Flag of the Arab League Arabic خينا سابيري
Flag of Israel Hebrew חינא סאבירי
Flag of India Hindi ख़ीना सबीरी

Khina Sabiri (خينا سابيري Ḫina Sabiri) is the wife of Boris Rubanenko. Growing up in the city of Mashhad, in northeastern Iran, Khina lived the life of a street-rat. She stole food to survive and slept with police officers to bribe them. However, once she was abducted into Boris's harem at the Altair base, she became great friends with her fellow harem girls, especially Ivanka Rubanenko and Elodie Duchamp. She married Boris Rubanenko during the events of Sapphire Episode II.


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Episode I

Khina is first introduced as part of the harem in the Altair base. When Alec first arrives at the harem, he instantly takes note of her beauty, but refrains from making any further moves on her, as he still has feelings for Ivanka. She then walks out to the balcony, but Ivanka, who has been sneaking around the base undetected, knocks her out and steals her identity. "Khina" returns to find Boris trying to persuade him to join the Omega Order He asks her to perform a dance for her, and she happily obliges. Alec and Boris are both entranced by the dance, for which Ivanka obtained knowledge of while stealing Khina's identity. Afterwards, Boris, suspicious of "Khina's" real identity, requests a kiss from her. She obliges, but Boris takes the opportunity to forcefully remove the disguise spell, revealing her to be Ivanka.

Episode II

One morning, Khina holds a friendly conversation with Ivanka, who has been held in the harem for over three years. While discussing Ivanka's tendency to be abused by the men, and inspiring her to be more assertive with them, she is brought to the base's situation room to meet Boris. There, she is given an assignment: to steal the identity of Svetlana Pirushkin, a KGB agent, and sabotage a planned meeting with Alec Langley. Before leaving, she is also asked by Boris to marry him, to which she accepts graciously.

Episode III

Aided by a group of Aeolus-led goons, Khina takes part on a raid on Élodie Duchamp's home. After a brief fight and chase, she succeeds in knocking Alec out and taking him to the Rubanenko's villa in Greece. During the course of the fight, Alec learns that she is a Psychic.


Khina Sabiri is a very beautiful and skillful belly dancer. She incorporates some acrobatic moves into her dances, but is not as flexible as Elodie Duchamp. When Ivanka Rubanenko assumed her identity in Sapphire Episode I, she absorbed her belly-dancing talent as well, but failed to note that Khina was two months pregnant at the time.

In Episode III, Alec Clarion discovers that Khina is, herself, a psychic. She specializes in disguise magic, but also exhibits magical healing abilities.


"Khina" is a given name that means "song" in Persian.[1] "Sabiri" is a Persian family name.[2] It was chosen because it sounds similar to "Siberia", hence making another connection to her lover, Boris.


The "Kh" in Khina's name is actually pronounced like the "ch" sound in German or Hebrew, or "j" in Spanish. In English, it is more simiar to an "h" sound, only further back in the throat.[3]

Chinese Name

Khina's Chinese given name, "Gēqǔ", means "Song" in English, just like her original name.

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