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This dictionary provides basic translation of Khmer to English and English to Khmer. Words are listed in their English and Khmer spellings, as well as a romanized transcription.

Wherever possible, images are included to assist in identifying what word is meant.

Pronunciations are provided for Khmer words.

As much as possible, examples will be provided for usage.

Why isn't this dictionary at Wiktionary?

The English Wiktionary contains hundreds of thousands of words, defined in English. Translated words can be added, but not romanized transcriptions (which are not, in any case, standardized). Because Khmer has multiple letters for every consonant sound (it is the largest alphabet), one cannot know how to spell a word from its pronunciation. So a pronunciation-based approach is necessary to assist the student learning Khmer, who otherwise wouldn't know how to look up a Khmer word to find its English equivalent.

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