Khul is the southernmost of the three great continents of Titan. It is also known as the Dark Continent.


Khul is separated from Allansia by the Ocean of Tempests and from the Old World by the Ocean of Serpents. The physical make up of the more settled parts are where the earth and rocks are a very dark black colour. This helps give it its alternate name as well as the fact that little is known of Khul outside of its shores. The heart of Khul was once rugged but fertile with a semi-circular arc of gentle rolling steppes, pleasant valleys and gentle mountain peaks enclosing a wide area of moorland and grassy plain. It was watered by both fast and slow flowing rivers which also carried trade to the city states on the coast. The early people of the land were mostly uncivilised hunters and foragers experts at hunting and killing game. However the heart of the continent was blighted by the wild magic released in the Great War against Chaos. The most developed areas are along the western coast and around the Inland Sea in the south as well as Hachiman in the south east.

Pronunciation of Khul

The pronunciation of Khul is a topic over which Old World and Allansian scholars have long debated. Of course, in different locations and in different languages the word would be pronounced differently. However, in the Common Tongue, Khul should be pronounced to rhyme closely with 'fool', but with a shorter emphasis on the 'oo'. There are old rhymes and verses from Khulian origin which support this assertion.Template:FF28

Discrepancy within the book Titan

Titan talks of a land bridge that once joined Khul to Allansia that disappeared long before humans walked the surface of Titan.[Titan]p22 Yet Khul did not form until after Irritaria was split apart, long after man existed. This has formed a conundrum. One proferred explanation is as follows: Khul was originally the name given by the inhabitants of Irritaria to that land mass which was adjoined to southeast Irritaria by a land bridge. Upon this land were a number of nations including Kelios. After the splitting of the continents, this land mass was largely destroyed, its remnants being the Isles of the Dawn. The inhabitants of the southern portion of Irritaria named their new continent Khul, believing that it was they whose land now sat where Ancient Khul once had, apart from the other lands to the north. Thus we refer what was originally called Khul as Ancient Khul. This has led to some confusion in some historical documents which have interpreted the land bridge that once joined Ancient Khul to Irritaria as a non-existent land bridge connecting Allansia to Khul.Template:Non-canon

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