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Kiara in Wonderland is CoolZDane's movie spoof and animal style version of the 1951 Disney film, "Alice in Wonderland".

Cast known so far:

  • Alice - Kiara (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
  • Alice's Sister - Nala (The Lion King)
  • Dinah - Baby Baboon (Tarzan)
  • White Rabbit - Uncle Max (The Lion King 1 1/2)
  • Doorknob - Tantor (Tarzan)
  • Dodo - Louis (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum - Mason and Phil (Madagascar)
  • Walrus - Colonel Hathi (The Jungle Book)
  • Carpenter - Buzzy the Vulture (The Jungle Book)
  • Bill the Lizard - Zazu (The Lion King)
  • Flowers - Kala, Gloria, Marlene, Thumper's sisters, Abigail and Amelia, Gossiping Elephants (from Dumbo), Faline, Rita, Georgette, Mamka and Teeka, Sandy, Tigress, Alex, Maggie, Grace, Mrs. Calloway, Hairball, Charlamange, Frou-Frou, Duchess, Marie, and others
  • Caterpillar - Kaa (The Jungle Book)
  • Caterpiller (Butterfly) - Mushu (Mulan)
  • Bird in Tree - Lady Kluck (Robin Hood)
  • Cheshire Cat - Rafiki (The Lion King)
  • Mad Hatter - King Julian (Madagascar)
  • March Hare - Maurice (Madagascar)
  • Dormouse - Mort (Madagascar)
  • Queen of Hearts - Zira (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
  • King of Hearts - Nuka (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
  • Cards Painters - Bagheera, King Louie, and The Sheriff of Nottingham (The Jungle Book, Robin Hood)
  • Marching Cards - Various Marching Animals

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