1. Wow Wow Wubbzy - Goo Goo Grief / Perfecto Party 2. Curious George - Curious George Door Monkey / Curious George Goes Up the River 3. Gerald McBoing Boing - Dog Tricks, Spare Change & The Lost Snowmen" & "Mini-Golf, Checkers & Bad Manners"

Opening Previews

1. Paramount Means Family Entertainment Trailer 2. Nicktoons on Videocassette Trailer 3. It was Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown Trailer 4. Paramount Feature Presentation 5. Warning Screen 6. Paramount Pictures (1995-2002)

Closing Previews

1. Wow Wow Wubbzy Credits 2. Curious George Credits 3. Gerald McBoing Boing Credits 4. Bolder Boys and Girls Logo 5. Starz Logo 6. WGBH Boston Logo 7. Universal Studios Logo 8. Teletoon Logo 9. Cookie Jar Logo 10. Paramount Logo (1995)


Front Cover

Back Cover

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