• The Cat in the Hat (from The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!) as A
  • Sally (from The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!) as B
  • Olie Polie (from Rolie Polie Olie) as C
  • Ord (from Dragon Tales) as D
  • Arthur Read (from Arthur) as E
  • Clifford (from Clifford the Big Red Dog) as F
  • Huckle Cat (from Busytown Mysteries) as G
  • Babu (from The Mighty Jungle) as H
  • Emmy (from Dragon Tales) as I
  • Max (from Monster Math Squad) as J
  • Rex (from Animal Mechanicals) as K
  • Wonder Red (from Super Why) as L
  • Louis the Trumpet (from Razzberry Jazzberry Jam) as M
  • Moe Doodle (from The Doodlebops) as N
  • Buster Baxter (from Arthur) as O
  • Nicholas Biscuit (from Pinky Dinky Doo) as P
  • Lily (from Monster Math Squad) as Q
  • Napkin Man (from The Adventures of Napkin Man!) as R
  • Jim (from Lunar Jim) as S
  • GT (from Turbo Dogs) as T
  • Max (from Dragon Tales) as U
  • Gofrette (from Gofrette) as V
  • Chirp (from Chirp) as W
  • Antony the Anteater (from What's Your News?) as X
  • Bookaboo (from Bookaboo) as Y
  • Rooney Doodle (from The Doodlebops) as Z

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