Kids' WB!, FOX Kids, The FOX Box and 4KidsTV/The Koala Brothers is a spoof featuring audio from The Koala Brothers and clips from Saturday Morning shows.


  • Tai Kamiya (from Digimon) as Frank
  • Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon) as Buster
  • Sarah Goodman (from Flint The Time Detective) as Mitzi
  • Rikochet (from Mucha Lucha) as Ned
  • Shaggy Rogers (from Scooby-Doo) as George
  • Virgil Hawkins (from Static Shock) as Sammy
  • Zoey Hanson (from Mew Mew Power) as Josie
  • Kara Perkins (from Mermaid Melody) as Alice
  • Al Smith (from Hoop-a-Joop) as Archie
  • Panini Kaye (from Once Upon a Teenage Lifetime) as Penny
  • Callie Briggs (from SWAT Kats) as Lolly


  1. Al's New Home
  2. Sea Captain Rikochet
  3. The Thirsty Girl
  4. A Letter For Shaggy
  5. Zoey's Big Jump
  6. Kara Can't Remember
  7. Rikochet's Scary Night
  8. What Sarah Wants
  9. Rikochet The Policeman
  10. Virgil's Bumpy Ride
  11. Al's Loose Tooth
  12. Panini Comes To Stay
  13. Callie Comes To Town
  14. Shaggy and The Parcel
  15. Sarah's Day Out
  16. Virgil and The Moon
  17. Shaggy's Day Off
  18. Al To The Rescue
  19. Kara Rides Again
  20. Rikochet the Pilot
  21. Sarah's Big Adventure
  22. Rikochet's Special Visitor
  23. Callie's Broken Bell
  24. Rikochet Catches a Cold
  25. Zoey Can Dance
  26. Panini Comes For Help
  27. Virgil and The Bee
  28. Kara Gets The Hiccups
  29. Callie's Long Goodbye
  30. Rikochet's Buried Treasure
  31. Sarah's Special Photos
  32. Shaggy's Big Mistake
  33. Rikochet The Ned
  34. Al Goes Camping
  35. Plane Crazy Rikochet
  36. Shaggy's Big Race
  37. Virgil's Bad Day
  38. Shaggy's Little Plant
  39. Al Tennis Ace
  40. Zoey's Little Accident
  41. Panini's Big Game
  42. Sarah's Busy Day
  43. Shaggy Goes Faster
  44. Rikochet Finds His Whistle
  45. Zoey's New Tune
  46. Virgil's Cuckoo Clock
  47. Al Doesn't Listen
  48. Zoey in Charge
  49. Panini's Birthday Surprise
  50. Shaggy's Broken Satchel
  51. Callie's New Flavor
  52. Kara Gets Lost
  53. Cartoon Christmas
  54. Shaggy the Sportsman
  55. Rikochet's Shiny Balloon
  56. Sarah's Special Present
  57. Rikochet and The Wagaloo
  58. Virgil's Spoons
  59. Zoey's Knotty Problem
  60. Kara The Poet
  61. Al's Giant Pumpkin
  62. Panini's Boomerang
  63. Sarah's Funny Honey
  64. Rikochet Goes Red
  65. Callie and The Go-Kart
  66. Rikochet's Shooting Star
  67. Virgil The Mailman
  68. Shaggy The Magician
  69. Al's Fall
  70. Sarah The Artist
  71. Shaggy's World
  72. Callie's Puppet Show
  73. Rikochet's Missing Teddy
  74. Sarah the Flying Nurse
  75. Kara Makes a Movie
  76. Shaggy's Busy Day
  77. Kara's Night Mystery
  78. Sarah's Hide and Seek
  79. Rikochet Writes a Letter

Lyrics (entitled The Koala Mon Boys)

  • Kidz Bop Kids: If you're in

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