Kids' WB!, FOX Kids, The FOX Box and 4KidsTV/The Loud House is Pikachufreak's idea containing audio from The Loud House and clips from various Saturday Morning shows.


  • Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon) as Lincoln Loud
  • Lexi Bunny (from Loonatics Unleashed) as Lori Loud
  • Kara Perkins (from Mermaid Melody) as Leni Loud
  • Felicia McCoy (from Friends Forever) as Luna Loud
  • Lily Parker (from Glitter Force) as Luan Loud
  • Teodora Villavicencio (from Legend Quest) as Lynn Loud Jr.
  • Tuesday Van Dour (from Marilyn) as Lucy Loud
  • Anna Szyslak (from Hoop-a-Joop) as Lola Loud
  • Panini Kaye (from Once Upon A Teenage Lifetime) as Lana Loud
  • Rena Parker (from The Red Ribbon) as Lisa Loud
  • Baby Petunia Pig (from Baby Looney Tunes) as Baby Lily Loud
  • Delia Ketchum (from Pokemon) as Rita Loud
  • Aidan Avalon (from Cardcaptors) as Lynn Loud Sr.
  • Kevin Whitney (from Krypto The Superdog) as Clyde McBride
  • Donkey Kong (from Donkey Kong Country) as Howard McBride
  • Professor Charles Xavier (from X-Men: Evolution) as Harold McBride
  • Ace Bunny (from Loonatics Unleashed) as Bobby Santiago
  • Meilin Rae (from Cardcaptors) as Ronnie Anne Santiago
  • Pikachu as Charles
  • Bulbasaur as Cliff
  • Totodile as Geo
  • Charizard as Walt
  • Miss Layla Mackenzie (from Cardcaptors) as Agnes Johnson
  • Sara Goodman (from Flint The Time Detective) as Christina
  • Mr. Marvin Redford (from The Red Ribbon) as Mr. Grouse
  • Rikochet (from Mucha Lucha) as Liam
  • Alexander "Alex" O'Connell (from The Mummy: The Animated Series) as Zach
  • Peter Shepherd (from Jumanji) as Rusty Spokes
  • Rebecca Norman (from The Idol Star) as Tabby
  • Claire Lyons (from The Clique: The Animated Series) as Giggles
  • Jodelle Kaye (from Once Upon a Teenage Lifetime) as Haiku
  • Susie Feeble (from Marilyn) as Polly Pain
  • Loud Kiddington (from Histeria!) as Rocky Spokes
  • Terry McGinnis (from Batman Beyond) as Hugh
  • Ralph (from Animaniacs) as Fritz
  • Professor Samuel Oak (from Pokemon) as Albert
  • Malinda Doe (from Marilyn) as Maggie
  • Egan (from Some Like It Hot) as Bratty Kid
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (from Sonic X) as Blarney
  • Funky Kong (from Donkey Kong Country) as Flip
  • Corey Riffin (from Grojband) as Mick Swagger

Lyrics (In The Toon House)

  • Kidz Bop Kids: Crashing through the grinding house, Dodging girls like ping pong balls, Just to reach the bathroom on time (Hey! Hey! Hey!) Leaping over laundry piles, Diapers you can smell for miles, Guy's gotta do what he can to survive! In the Toon House! In the Toon House! Duck, dodge, push and shove, It's how we show our love! In the Toon House! In the Toon House! One boy and ten girls (Wouldn't trade it for the world!) Toon! House! Toon! Toon House!

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