Kids' WB! and Disney: Tag Team Racers is a crossover video game that is based off of Mario Kart: Double Dash. It is made for the Nintendo Wii U on May 27, 2016.

About the Game

  • It has a starting team of racers divided in 16. Several eight teams appear as unlocked ones, as well as their default and unlocked cars. There are also four classes, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc (with mixed up teams), and Mirror Mode. There are ten cups similar to Mario Kart: Super Circuit. In the Kids' WB! Grand Prix, the following include the Poke Ball Cup, the Doughnut Cup, the Lancaster Cup, The Clow Card Cup, and the Scooby Snack Cup, while the Disney Grand Prix includes the Honey Pot Cup, The Fleemco Cup, The Allington Cup, The Echo Creek Cup, and The Pinewood Cup. In addition, the All Cup Tours are added to make twenty tracks from the first to the last.

Starter Characters with Weights

  1. Ash Ketchum (Middle)
  2. Mary (
  3. Rikochet (
  4. The Flea (
  5. Al Smith (
  6. Mel Szyslak (
  7. Sakura Avalon (
  8. Meilin Rae (
  9. Scooby-Doo (
  10. Shaggy Rogers (
  11. Buster Bunny (
  12. Babs Bunny (
  13. Virgil Hawkins (
  14. Richie Foley (
  15. Marilyn Shine (
  16. Susie Feeble (
  17. Winnie The Pooh (
  18. Piglet (
  19. Todd Daring (
  20. Riley Daring (
  21. Kuzco (
  22. Kronk (
  23. Star Butterfly (
  24. Marco Diaz (
  25. Amy Flowers (
  26. Mitchie O'Hara (
  27. Kick Buttowski (
  28. Brad Buttowski (
  29. Randy Cunningham (
  30. Howard Weinerman (
  31. Sophia Winterford (
  32. Betty Hawkins (

Unlockable Characters

  1. Jodelle Kaye
  2. April Kaye
  3. Ozzy Jones
  4. Drix Koldriliff
  5. Megan Kaye
  6. Panini Kaye
  7. Puss In Boots
  8. Dulcinea
  9. Penn Zero
  10. Boone Wiseman
  11. Dipper Pines
  12. Mabel Pines
  13. Pickle
  14. Peanut
  15. Wander
  16. Sylvia


Poke Ball Cup

Doughnut Cup

Lancaster Cup

Clow Card Cup

Scooby Snack Cup

Honey Pot Cup

Fleemco Cup

Allington Cup

Echo Creek Cup

Pinewood Cup


  • This game is from Warner Bros. Interactive and Disney Interactive.
  • The cups are similar to Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
  • The racers and cars needs to be unlocked by completing each task.
  • Musics from Pokemon Stadium, Mascaritas of The Lost Code, and more are used.

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