Kids' WB's Fun-Time Adentures is a fan-fiction DVD idea made by Pikachufreak. Released in 2009, it has eight fun-time episodes.


  1. The Wayward Wobbuffet (Pokemon)
  2. Rock N Roar (Tiny Toon Adventures)
  3. Transported (Hoop-a-Joop)
  4. From Egypt With Love (Phantom Investigators)
  5. She Sees Sea Monsters By The Sea Shore (What's New, Scooby-Doo?)
  6. Double Edged Sword (Cardcaptors)
  7. Day of The Fish (Earthworm Jim)
  8. Dad's A Spaz (Waynehead)


  • Release Date: May 12, 2009.
  • Distributed by Warner Home Video.

Opening Previews

  1. FBI Warning
  2. Warner Home Video logo (1997-present)
  3. First few seconds of The Wayward Wobbuffet

Closing Previews

  1. Last few seconds of Dad's A Spaz
  2. Waynehead outro
  3. Nelvana logo
  4. Warner Bros. Television Animation logo

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Ash and Buster
  • Bottom: Daemona from "From Egypt With Love"

Back Cover

  • James from "Transported"
  • Rita from "Double Edged Sword"

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