Kids' WB/Mario Kart: Double Dash is a parody series featuring audio from Mario Kart: Double Dash and clips from various Kids' WB shows.


  • Ash Ketchum as Mario
  • Yami Yugi as Luigi
  • Mel Blake as Princess Peach
  • Star Butterfly as Princess Daisy
  • Kevin Whitney as Yoshi
  • Shareena Wickett as Birdo
  • Rikochet as Baby Mario
  • The Flea as Baby Luigi
  • Omi as Toad
  • Kimiko Tohomiko as Toadette
  • Yakko Warner as Koopa Troopa
  • Wakko Warner as Paratroopa
  • Ace Bunny as Donkey Kong
  • Buster Bunny as Diddy Kong
  • Ken of The PMC as Bowser
  • Egan as Bowser Jr.
  • Jeff Jefferson as Wario
  • Taylor Tanner as Waluigi
  • Agent J as Petey Piranha
  • Agent K as King Boo

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