Kids' WB/Muppets Most Wanted is a parody with sounds from Muppets Most Wanted and clips from various Kids' WB shows.


  • Ash Ketchum as Kermit The Frog
  • Jackie Chan as Fozzie Bear
  • Virgil Hawkins as Gonzo The Great
  • Mel Blake as Miss Piggy
  • Scooby-Doo as Animal
  • Rikochet as Pepe The Prawn
  • Omi as Walter
  • Sam Simpson as Camilla The Chicken
  • Agent J as Sam The Eagle
  • Jim Kim as Rizzo The Rat
  • Yami Yugi as Rowlf The Dog
  • Alex O'Connell as Scooter
  • Johnny Test as Robin The Frog
  • Dexter as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
  • Tooty The Elephant as Beaker
  • Terry McGinnis as Dr. Teeth
  • Ro Rowen as Janice
  • Lexi Bunny as Mildred
  • Psycho (Max Steel) as Constantine
  • Uncle Chan as Uncle Deadly
  • Cassidy Bessette as Annie Sue
  • Richie Foley as Lew Zealand
  • Fred Jones as The Swedish Chef
  • Lan Hikari and Maylu Sakurai as Wayne and Wanda
  • Egan as Walleye Pike
  • The Joker as Black Dog
  • Vin Walterson as Angel Marie
  • Quicksilver as Blind Pew
  • Tohru as Spotted Dick
  • Looten Plunder as Calico
  • Mai Valentine as Nadya
  • Melvin McCellbellum as Jean Pierre Napoleon
  • Raimundo Pedrosa as Dominic/Number 2

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