Kids' WB Top Toons Tune: The Complete Collection is a CD idea made by Pikachufreak.


Master Pokemon (performed by Backstreet Boys)

  • Backstreet Boys:

Chan's The Man (performed by Wheatus)

All Hail The Great Mel Blake (Britney Spears, in the style of Genie In A Bottle)

Wolverine (sung by Atomic Kitten)

Be Like Scooby-Doo (sung by Joy Williams, in the style of Oops I Did It Again)

Go Kimiko Go (sung by Offspring, in the style of Billy Unger's Go Ninja Go)

Superhero Static Shock (sung by Lil Romeo)

Flea's The Man (sung by Smash Mouth, in the style of She's A Maniac)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (performed by Chris and Tad)

Megaman, Jack-In (sung by Allstars, in the style of Avril Lavigne's Rock N Roll)

The City of Hector (sung by NSYNC, in the style of The City Is Ours)

The Mummy (sung by The Scott Brothers Perlman and Ward)

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