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  1. Pepe Skunk-He is Young, 9 Year Old Black & White Skunk. He Wears Elvis Hair Style On His Head.He Attend The Backstage With His Friends and Lives in The Hollywood.Pepe Lives in His Backstage Door With his name. Inside of his Backstage Door,He has A black & White Bed,Pillows,Talking on the Phone & Reading His Romance Books & More.His Friend are Princess Skunk,Fiona Fox,Laura Squirrel,Ella Squirrel & Prince Skunk. His Older Brother is Pepe Le Pew. He Has Black Nose & Black Eyes. He Voiced By Mel Blanc.
  2. Princess Skunk
  3. Fiona Fox
  4. Laura Squirrel
  5. Ella Squirrel
  6. Prince Skunk
  7. Samantha Skunk-She is Pepe's Crush.She is appears Crush!
  8. Pepe Le Pew

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