Alvin's Mom & Dad Is Coming To Dinner,When T.J Touch with the Magic Wand of Alvin's Body and Face,He Will Turn Into A Chipmunk,During The Princes & Princesses Castle Tea Party. And Alvin is Crying And The Girls & The Boys saw him Crying. And Alvin's Dad Cheer Him Up and What Can Alvin Do?


  1. Me
  2. Molly had Long Brown Hair Tied in a Ponytail & Green Eyes.Her Daily Clothes are Dark Pink Long Sleeves Shirt,Deep Pink Flats,Fuchsia Skirt,Light Brown Leggings & Magenta Vest.{As The Princess}She Wears A Long Sleeves Light Pink Dress,Pink Bow Tied into her Long Brown Hair,Pink Shoes,Pink Bow On Her Dress & Pink Flowers on her Dress.
  3. Julie had Long Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes.Her Daily Clothes are Short Sleeves Pink Shirt,Black Flats,Blue Skirt & Green Leggings.{As The Princess}
  4. Angelina
  5. Mike
  6. Anna
  7. Cody
  8. Katherine
  9. Alvin's Mom & Dad
  10. T.J
  11. Alvin


  1. Kids Theme Song
  2. Let's Dress Up:Me,Molly,Julie,Angelina,Mike,Anna,Cody,Katherine,T.J & Alvin
  3. Big Boys Don't Cry:Alvin's Dad
  4. Friendship Song:Me,Molly,Julie,Angelina,Mike,Anna,Cody,Katherine & T.J
  5. End Credits:Kids Theme Song


  1. Kids Theme Song
  2. At Molly's House
  3. Have a Idea
  4. Let's Dress Up
  5. Princesses & Princes Tea Party Began
  6. The Mess
  7. The Princes & Princess Tea Party Ruined
  8. Alvin Turn into a Chipmunk
  9. Alvin Crying Like a Baby
  10. Alvin's Mom & Dad were in Dinner with their Friends at Alvin's House
  11. At Alvin's Bedroom
  12. Alvin is Crying on the Bed
  13. Alvin's Dad Came In Alvin's Bedroom
  14. Big Boys Don't Cry
  15. Alvin Hugs His Dad
  16. Alvin Is In Molly's House Again
  17. Friendship Song
  18. Say Goodbye!
  19. End Credits:The End

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