Come Along For The Kids And Me As Miss Lady Is Have To Get a Magic Positon For The Kids,And They Will Change Into 4 Forest Animals Inculding Squirrel,Skunk,Chipmunk Or Bunny,And There A Deer And A Bear-Sloth They Have 6 Episodes.


  1. Squirrel Liz-Liz Is Going To The Ballet,But Liz Drink The Magic Positon By Miss Lady,Liz Will Turn Into A Squirrel Can I And The Kids Try To Stop Miss Lady Before The Ballet Start?
  2. Skunk Pepe
  3. Chipmunk Alvin:Alvin Is In Love With A Girl Named Polly,And She Disklikes Him.So He Drink The Magic Poisiton By Miss Lady And He Turn InTo A Chipmunk.Soon He Is Upset Because Polly Had All Ready Have A Boyfriend Who Named Prince.
  4. Bunny Periwinkle-Periwinkle
  5. Deer Vinnie,Bambi,Ronno And Faline
  6. Bear-Sloth Kit
  7. Rabbit-Fiver
  8. Rabbit-E.B

Front Cover

I,Anna And Lola Were Cheerleaders,I Was Cheering With Anna And Lola.UpStairs Were 4 Forest Animals,Liz,Pepe,Alvin And Periwinkle.

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