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  1. Me
  2. Christina Is a 9-Year-Old Girl.She Had Long Auburn Hair And Hazel Eyes.Her Daily Clothes Inculde Dark Blue Shirt With Green Sleeves,Dark Blue Pants,Dark Blue Flats And White Socks.Her Play Is Spencer Lionheart And The Three Tigers Cubs,She Is Play By Youngest Tiger-Cub,Her Youngest Tiger-Cub Outfit Include Dark Blue Dress,White Socks,Light Blue Flats And Light Blue Bow Around Her Forehead.
  3. Amy Is a 11-Year Old Girl.She Had Long Brown Hair Tied In a Bun And Brown Eyes.Her Daily Clothes Inculde Light Pink Shirt With Purple Sleeves,Light Pink Skirt,Magenta Flats,Light Pink Around Her Forehead And Pink Flower On Her Hair.Her Play Is Sleeping Beauty,She Play By The Queen In The Kingdom.Her The Queen Outfit Is Pink Gown With Long Sleeves,Golden Tiara,Pink Shoes,Pink Rope Belt Tied Around Her Waist And Golden Necklace.
  4. Brittany Is 9-Year Old Girl.She Had Long Blonde Hair Tied In A Braid And Blue Eyes.Her Daily Clothes Inculde Dark Pink Shirt With Puffy Sleeves,Purple Skirt,Dark Blue Flats,Pink Bow Around Her Neck And Pink Bow Around Her Dark Pink Shirt And White Socks.Her Play Is Rapunzel,Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs And Rumpelstiltkskin.She Is Play By Rapunzel,Snow White And The Miller.Her Rapunzel Outfit Inculde Pink Dress With Puffy Sleeves,Rose Flower On Her Hair Tied In a Braid,Light Purple Bow Around Her Waist And Magenta Ballet Flats.Her Snow White Outfit Inculde Red And Blue Dress With Short Sleeves,Dark Pink Bow Around Her Neck,Blue Bow Around Her Hair Tied Into a Ponytail,Purple Dress Shoes And Light Pink Jacket In The Beginning.
  5. Bethany Is 7-Year-Old Girl.She Had Long Brown Hair And Brown Eyes.Her Daily Clothes Inculde Green Dress With Blue Sleeves,Dark Blue Flats,Yellow Legwarmers,Blue Leggins And
  6. Lily Is 13-Year-Old Girl.She Has Long Black Hair Tied Into Two Pigtails And Brown Eyes.Her Daily Clothes Inculde Spring-Green Shirt With Sky Blue Sleeves,Green Flats And Green Skirt.Her Play Is Spencer Lionheart And The Three Tigers Cubs,She Is Play By Second Oldest Tiger Cub.
  7. Pepe Is 13-Year-Old Boy.He Had Short Black Hair And Brown Eyes.His Daily Clothes Include Black Shirt With a Skunk On It,Jeans And White Sneakers.His Play Is Pepe Le Pew And The Three Squirrels.He Play By Pepe Le Pew
  8. Spencer Is 8-Year-Old Boy.
  9. Kiara Is 6 Year Old Girl.She Has Long Orange Hair And Blue Eyes
  10. Miss Ling The StoryTeller

In The Begin,Our Theme Song Begin To Play.After Our Theme Song,We See a Title Called Once Upon A Time. At Our Clubhouse,7 Kids And I Were Doing Something.I Be Right Back And You Must Pay Attenion To Me Right!

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