The Beginning/Flowers

The Beginning Written By Dave Hank

It Was Sunny Day At The Clubhouse,The Kids,Kimmy,Kimberly,John,Sally,Julie,Julia,Tina,Jenny,Lily,Laurie,Hanna,Kelly,Gianna,Jeff,Nellie,Amy and Johnny Were Arrival At The Clubhouse for the first day.I Come Out And Says Welcome To The Clubhouse,Kids We're Going To Make A Episode. All Right Who Want To Make Some Magic Here At The Season 20, First Episode Of Kids. I Told To 17 Kids.We Do! The Kids Screamed.Okay,Lily Would You Press The Keys On The Miss Computer? I Told Lily Sure! Lily Said. And Kimmy Why You Just Move Miss Mouse And Click On Miss Cat And Her Childrens,Kittens. I Told Kimmy. You Bet! Kimmy Said As She Went To The Computer And So As Lily.The Song Begins,I Love The Computer From The Huggabug Club.As The Songs End,I Says To The Kids,Let's Make Some Magic.Kids Clubhouse,Kids Clubhouse,Kids Clubhouse. Soon,In The Computer,The Twister Comes With Miss Cat And Her Childrens Appears In The Clubhouse,Miss Cat Was a White Adult Cat With Blue Eyes,Pink Nose,Long White Tail and a Diamond Collar.The Kittens Were 10 Year Olds & The Youngest Kitten was 1 year old.Hi There Kids,We're Going To Have Some Fun.

Flower written by Kimmy Jones

It Was Sunny Day At The Clubhouse,The Kids,Lola,Jenny,Spencer,Kayla,Amy,Hannah,Jake,Penelope,Jan,Tom And Diana Were Arrival At The Clubhouse.Lola is a 6 year old girl who had long blonde hair,blue eyes and wears a pink dress,red mary janes,and had a pink backpack.Jenny is a 7 year old girl who had long brown hair,brown eyes and wears a flower sundress,blue flats and had a blue backpack.Spencer is a 8 year old boy who had short blonde hair,brown eyes,and wears

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