Spencer And Olivia Play Baseball For The Lions.The Girls Goes To a Bicycle Outling


  1. Spencer Is The 8-Year-Old Boy.He Had Red Hair And Brown Eyes.His Baseball Outfit Clothes Are Red Baseball Shirt With Number Four On The Back And Lions Front On It,Blue Pants,White Sneakers And Red And White Baseball Cap.
  2. Olivia Is 5-Year-Old Girl.She Had Long Red Hair Tied In Two Pigtails And Green Eyes.Her Cheerleader Outfit Is Purple Dress With Letter L On It,Blue Pom-Poms,Purple Hairs Ribbons Inside Of Her Red Long Hair And White Sneakers
  3. Samantha Marie Brech {Me!} My Cheerleader Outfit Is Pink Dress With Letter L On It,Pink Pom-Poms And White Sneakers.
  4. Lily Is 9-Year-Old Girl Of Our Cheerleaders.She Had Long Blond Hair And Blue Eyes.Her Cheerleader Outfit Is Light Blue Dress With Letter C On It,Blue Pom-Poms,Light Blue PonyTail On Her Long Blond Hair And White Sneakers

And More

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