Kids Funtime Favourites is a fan fiction UK DVD release


  1. Horrid Henry - Horrid Henry and the King of Bling
  2. Balamory - The Birthday Party
  3. Garfield and Friends - Clean Sweep
  4. Rosie and Jim - Merry Go Round
  5. Thomas and Friends - The Sad Story of Henry
  6. Kipper - The Missing Tape Mystery
  7. Make Way for Noddy - Noddy Builds a Rocketship
  8. Fimbles - Coconut
  9. Postman Pat - Postman Pat's Thirsty Day
  10. Mr. Men and Little Miss - A Surprise for Mr. Tall
  11. The Book of Pooh - Eeyore's Tailversary
  12. Alphablocks - Fair
  13. The Backyardigans - The Heart of the Jungle
  14. Lilo and Stitch - Bugby
  15. Bananas in Pyjamas - Taxi Rat
  16. The Little Polar Bear - The Ice Cave
  17. Fireman Sam - All In a Good Cause
  18. The Simpsons - Bart vs. Thanksgiving
  19. Peppa Pig - Cleaning the Car
  20. SpongeBob Squarepants - No Free Rides
  21. Futurama - Hell is Other Robots
  22. Pocoyo - Elly on Ice
  23. Something Special: Out and About - Rainy Day
  24. Pixar Shorts - Your Friend the Rat
  25. Barney - Tree Mendous Trees
  26. Dora the Explorer - Dora Had a Little Lamb
  27. Bear in the Big Blue House - Eat, Drink Juice and Be Merry
  28. Sofia the First - Blue Ribbon Bunny
  29. Mike the Knight - Trollee's Sleepover
  30. Tree Fu Tom - Not So Fast
  31. Octonauts - The Seahorse Tale
  32. Bob the Builder - Molly's Fashion Show
  33. Recess - Wild Child
  34. American Dad - Office Spaceman
  35. Family Guy -  Not All Dogs Go to Heaven
  36. Big Cook Little Cook - Elephant
  37. Phineas and Ferb - Let's Take a Quiz
  38. Teletubbies - Strawberry Picking
  39. Rugrats - Toy Palace
  40. The Story Makers - Hands and Feet


  • Thomas episode narrated by Ringo Starr
  • The Sad Story of Henry is restored

Front Cover

  • Henry, Miss Hoolie, Garfield, Rosie, Thomas, Kipper, Noddy, Florrie, Pat, Mr. Tall, Pooh, Letter A, Tasha, Lilo, Bananas, Lars, Sam, Homer, Peppa, SpongeBob, Fry, Pocoyo, Mr. Tumble, Remy, Barney, Dora, Bear, Sofia, Mike, Tom, Peso, Bob, TJ, Stan, Peter, Little Cook Small, Phineas, Tinky Winky, Chuckie and Jackson.

Back Cover

  • The episode listings

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