1. The Wiggles - Animals
  2. Maisy - Batteries
  3. Thomas and Friends - Fergus Breaks the Rules
  4. Rosie and Jim - Down the Waterside
  5. Barney - Day and Night
  6. Waybuloo - Ball
  7. Teletubbies - Becky and Jed Find Eggs
  8. Tweenies - Jake's Mountain
  9. Kipper - Buried Treasure
  10. Peppa Pig - Piggy in the Middle
  11. Shaun the Sheep - Take Away


  • Thomas episode narrated by Micheal Angelis

Front Cover

  • Murray, Maisy, Thomas, Rosie, Jim, Barney, De Li, Dipsy, Fizz, Kipper, Peppa and Shaun

Back Cover

  • Diesel and Fergus from "Fergus Breaks the Rules"
  • Tiger on the tree from "Buried Treasure"
  • Barney from "Day and Night"

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