1. Sooty -  Double Trouble
  2. Postman Pat - Letters on Ice
  3. Tweenies - London Boats
  4. Thomas and Friends - Oliver's Find
  5. Teletubbies - Dirty Dog
  6. Kipper - The Goldfish
  7. Waybuloo - Clever Tree
  8. Bob the Builder - Lofty to the Rescue
  9. Peppa Pig - Pretend Friend


  • Thomas episode narrated by Micheal Angelis

Front Cover

  • Sooty, Pat, Milo, Thomas, Po, Kipper, Lau Lau, Bob and Peppa.

Back Cover

  • Oliver from "Oliver's Find"
  • Peppa and Suzy from "Pretend Friend"
  • Yojojo from "Clever Tree"

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