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  1. The Animal Shelf: Music in the Woods (Previously Released on Bumper Special KTV3567)
  2. Maisy: Bedtime (Previously Released on The Very Best of Maisy KTV2367)
  3. Spot Goes to the Farm (Previously Released on Adventures with Spot RDV87-761/1)
  4. Roobarb: When Custard Stole the Show (Previously Released on Bumper Special KTV3188)
  5. Zot the Dog: The Tip (Previously Released on Zot the Dog KTV3698)
  6. Henry's Cat: The Diet (Previously Released on The Hobby PVC 122)
  7. Kipper: Pig's Shop (Previously Released on The Very Best of Kipper KTV2366)
  8. James the Cat: Waterworks (Previously Released on Waterworks KTV3700)
  9. Old Bear: The Apple Tree (Previously Released on Little Bear's Trousers PV2248)
  10. Binka and the Three Suppers (Previously Released on Binka and Friends KTV3897)
  11. Timbuctoo: Oink and the Big Apple (Previously released on Bumper Special KTV3222)

Closing Previews

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