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  1. Fireman Sam: Spot of Bother (Previously Released on Fireman Sam's Biggest Video Ever! BBCV7135)
  2. Pingu: Hello Pingu (Previously Released on Fun With Pingu BBCV6353)
  3. Clangers: Fishing (Previously Released on The Complete Clangers Series 1 0442573)
  4. Willo the Wisp: Joys Of Spring (Previously Released on Willo the Wisp KK40002)
  5. Bananas in Pyjamas: Rat Race (Previously Released on Walking in the Snow 30570 50933)
  6. Tots TV: Hopping Day (Previously Released on Hopping Day 30074 00013)
  7. Roobarb: When Custard Stole the Show (Previously Released on Roobarb and Custard 0463463)
  8. The Herbs: Sir Basil's Fishing Expedition (Previously Released on Sage's Singing Lesson CVS 4045)
  9. The Gingerbread Man: Cuckoo's Cuckoo (Previously Released on The Gingerbread Man 085 048 3)
  10. Old Bear Stories: Little Bear's Trousers (Previously Released On Little Bear's Trousers 30370 30033)

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