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  1. Bananas in Pyjamas: The Flag (Previously Released on Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking KTV4930)
  2. Tots TV: Sheep (Previously Released on Hopping Day 30074 00013)
  3. Roobarb: When There was A Big Mix-Up (Previously Released on Oh Dear! KTV4631)
  4. Thomas & Friends: Trust Thomas (Previously Released on Trust Thomas VC1229)
  5. Fireman Sam: Bentley the Robot (Previously Released on All in A Good Cause BBCV4470)
  6. Mr Men and Little Miss: Mr Clever's Invention (Previously Released on Mr Impossible's Lesson 84069)
  7. Pingu and Pinga at Home (Previously Released on Pingu's Big Video BBCV5460)
  8. Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen (Previously Released on The Very Best of Postman Pat BBCV4869)
  9. Bagpuss: The Owls of Athens (Previously Released on the Complete Bagpuss 0519423)
  10. Rosie and Jim: Fish Face (Previously Released on Fish Face and Other Stories VC1526)
  11. Bob the Builder: Farmer Pickles' Pigpen (Previously Released on Roley & the Rock Star HIT1040)
  12. Old Bear Stories: The Winter Picnic (Previously Released on Little Bear's Trousers PV2248)
  13. Coconuts: Enough is Enough (Previously Released on Coconuts TVE3002
  14. Rainbow: Abracadabra (Previously Released on Abracadabra and Other Stories TV8186
  15. Fourways Farm: Three of A Kind (Previously Released on Moonstruck VC1378)

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