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  1. Thomas & Friends: Toby and the Stout Gentlemen (Previously Released on Bumper Special VC1155)
  2. Pingu Cannot Lose (Previously Released on Pingu the Photographer BBCV5380)
  3. Potamus Park: Let's Pretend (Previously Released on This is Where We Live TVE3013)
  4. Spot Follows His Nose (Previously Released on Adventures with Spot RDV87-761/1)
  5. Bod and Breakfast (Previously Released on Bod KK4003)
  6. Noddy Finds A Furry Tail (Previously Released on The Great Noddy Video BBCV5529)
  7. Clangers: The Hoot (Previously Released on The Complete Clangers Series 1 0442573)
  8. Bump and the Clouds (Previously Released on My First Video AHE1012)
  9. Angelmouse: Windy Weather Day (Previously Released on My Friend Angelmouse BBCV6920)
  10. Junglies: Penny's Little Brother (Previously Released on First Day At School 95 232)
  11. The Shoe People: Trampy Mows the Lawn (Previously Released on Shoe Town Stories V9114)
  12. Bananas in Pyjamas: Statues (Previously Released on Bumper Special KTV4629)
  13. James the Cat: The Thunderstorm (Previously Released on The Seaside and Other Stories KTV4632)
  14. Wiggly Park: Who Am I? (Previously Released on That's Stretching It! KTV4630)
  15. Fourways Farm: The Sound Of Music (Previously Released on Ups and Downs VC1359)

Closing Previews

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